United Methodist Campus Ministry in Tucson, Arizona

You’re Enough!

You are enough!

Living from acceptance is living with the firm belief that you are eternally embraced in the most exquisite love of all, God’s love. Such glorious internal acceptance is not based on what you do, but who you are.
— Kirk Byron Jones

We live in a culture where who we are is defined by our title, accumulations, and achievements. The competition starts in grade school with stars, ribbons, and trophies, such that by college we are programmed to pursue the ever illusive perfection. Many of us have been socialized to believe, consciously or unconsciously, that our worth is determined by our achievements.

But the truth is YOU ARE ENOUGH just as you are; because you are a unique expressions of a divine Creator. There’s no need to compare yourself with or compete with others; there will never be another you, ever!

Yes, I know our ruggedly individualistic and competitive culture sends a contrary message. But I once heard one preacher say, “No one can do you like YOU.” It’s true. Cease trying to measure up to others and be satisfied with doing your best to be you. YOU really ARE ENOUGH!

And how should you define your best? I like Kirk Byron Jones’ definition: Your best is your optimal creativity at a sacred pace. It is your most splendid offering to the world without sacrificing your physical, mental, and spiritual health. If you practice this definition of “your best,” you will experience more peace and joy, and it is my hope that you will begin to embrace God’s amazing love for the YOU that is ENOUGH.

Love & Light,

Rev. Felicia