United Methodist Campus Ministry in Tucson, Arizona


Tucson Wesley students and alumniWelcome Back!

While you might have left college, you have not left the Tucson Wesley community. We still care about you and want to hear from you. As alumni, you should know about what is happening at Tucson Wesley. If you are not already receiving our newsletter, you can read our latest one here, as well as sign up to get our next one.

In the same way, we hope we get to hear from you. Each newsletter has an Alumni Corner where you can share information with the Wesley community about highlights in our life, and perhaps even get acquainted with some of your college friends. Perhaps you can even help plan or join us for a future reunion.

Expanding Our Community

We also hope you can help us continue the Wesley tradition and expand the community. Our ministry is no longer fully supported by the conference. We rely on our alumni and local churches to financially support and institutionally sustain our ministry so current college students can have the same experience you had — or better. Please prayerfully consider donating to the Wesley Foundation, serving on our Board of Directors, or donating a “gift-in-kind” from our student wish list.
You can make the difference in a college student today!

Stay Connected!

Be sure to join our Facebook group as well to stay connected with past members of the Tucson Wesley community!

For additional information and involvement opportunities, please contact us.